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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Made by Lukas Fresh Veggie Burgers: Vegan? Egg free? Dairy free? Wheat free? Gluten free? Soy free? Yeast free? Pink-slime free?

Our veggie burgers do not contain eggs, dairy, gluten, wheat, soy, yeast . . . . or anything more than vegetables, quinoa, seeds, millet, and spices. At this point, Made by Lukas Fresh Veggie Burgers are manufactured in a kitchen that is exposed to gluten and other allergens, but we take every step necessary to avoid cross-contamination.

Do Made by Lukas Fresh Veggie Burgers need to be refrigerated? How long do they last?

They do. They are perishable. Check the “Use or freeze by” date on each package. Our Fresh Veggie Burgers last three weeks from the day they’re made, but they can be frozen, and some of our accounts keep them in the freezer section of the store. We use no preservatives to prolong shelf life. 

I can’t buy your burgers at the store where I shop/in the city where I live.

We’re working to expand as quickly as we can. Please see our Where to Buy page for stores and eating establishments that currently carry our products. If you know a place that might be a good fit for us, please let us (and the store manager at said establishment) know!

If you’re really eager and willing to bear the expense, we can occasionally ship our products for orders of significant volume. Please contact us if you’re interested in that.

I want to work with you!

We expect to be hiring soon! Please send an email to info@madebylukas.com with your resume if you’re interested in working with us.

Can I order a bunch of your burgers for my special event?

Probably! We would love to discuss. Please send an email to info@madebylukas.com letting us know what you have in mind.

I’d like to put Made by Lukas veggie burgers on the menu at my restaurant.

Your customers will love them. Send an email to info@madebylukas.com describing what you have in mind, approximate weekly volume order, and we’ll get right back to you with pricing, availability, etc.

My question isn’t covered. What should I do?

Just email us at info@madebylukas.com and we’ll get back to you with answers ASAP.