We’re all about the vegetables. We believe that veggie burgers must:

  • Taste like vegetables,
  • Visibly contain vegetables,
  • Allow vegetables to express themselves, and
  • Be uncompromisingly delicious.

Ever since he wrote the cookbook on them, co-founder Lukas Volger has been an authority in the world of veggie burgers. But he always preferred homemade to the store-bought varieties. He wanted to create a readymade veggie burger that he—a discriminating eater, cookbook author, and avid home cook—could get excited about. Fresh, straightforward, simple: a unique veggie burger that’s packed with vegetables, that’s both easy to prepare and enjoy.

Made by Lukas Fresh Veggie Burgers is a ready-to-shape veggie burger mix sold from the refrigerated section of the grocery store—simply shape the into patties, grill, bake, or sauté them, and load them up however you please. Putting vegetables front and center, our fresh veggie burgers contain only fresh vegetables, seeds, quinoa, and spices. We value quality ingredients, bold flavor combinations, and food that is as delicious as it is good-for-you.

Our veggie burgers aren't imitation hamburgers, soy analogues, or grains bathed in barbecue spices. They’re sweet and earthy—they taste like vegetables! Yes, they’re egg- and dairy-free. They’re also soy- and wheat- and gluten- and yeast-free. And yes, they’re scrumptious.